Ray’s Topics

Program One:

“Strategic Options for the US Economy

Time & Money are Running Out”


  1. Our standard of living has fallen; for 40 million Americans there is no recovery.
  2. The top 1% have doubled their wealth and doubled their power in government.
  3. America imports 50% more goods than it exports, this must be reversed!
  4. America borrows $5 to $10 billion a week to pay its bills, this must stop.
  5. For 3 decades, America has added lower paying jobs as it lost higher paying jobs.
  6. Today, Democrats and Republicans use the same pro-Wall Street policies that put us in the economic strife we now face (because it’s working well for the top 1%).
  7. 40 years ago America was the greatest creditor nation, today the opposite is true.
  8. Neither Democrats nor Republicans have policies to strengthen America.

 Yet, there are economic policies to strengthen American familiesI will be honored to share them with you.


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”    

                                                        Albert Einstein


In this program Mullaney presents & explains:

    1. The most important economic facts about our economy;
    2. Economic policies that may raise America’s standard of living, and
    3. Economic risks to you, your family and your business.

  Ray’s proposals provide the HOW to improve and strengthen America without more debt or destroying our safety net. His proposals to improve our economy for working people will inspire and motivate people to vote for America First policies.

Program Two:

“Investing: Unsafe at All Times,

but sometimes, more than others.”


The main reason investors lose money is because they don’t have a practical and reliable method to evaluate the investment risks. Therefore, they invest in stocks without an objective and complete appraisal of the risks involved.

Mullaney teaches practical, reliable and conservative methods of evaluating the risks of any investment. Mullaney’s firm, Value Ratings, LLC is in the business of evaluating the risks and the safety of investments. They do not sell investments.

Without a clear and reliable method to evaluate how risky a stock is, you’re left to guess or hope that you don’t end up losing 30% or more of your money.

Mullaney has developed a program to teach investors how to protect their money from Wall Street hype. He shows people, of any knowledge level, how to reduce their investment risks.


In this program Mullaney presents:


  1. The most reliable information sources about stocks;
  2. The most reliable methods to evaluate investment risks; and
  3. When and why to invest, and when and why not to invest


Here are some recent Testimonials:


  • “Often times, when I want to give students a real-world perspective of the investment industry, I bring in outside visiting professors to enlighten students. Recently, a student recommended I call Ray Mullaney. I’m glad I did. From the get-go, he was an outstanding presenter. Not only was he spot on in his analysis of financial markets, he provided original, seminal research and insight about how markets work. To top it off, he was also entertaining and captivated the audience.”“Any organizations or groups thinking of bringing in Ray to speak would be fortunate to have someone of this caliber.”

Timothy Howes Associate Professor, Johnson & Wales University


  • “On behalf of the entire Rotary Club of North Haven, I want to thank you for an engaging, informative, and thought provoking talk on our economy. All of the members thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and were impressed by your passion on your suggestions to pull our country out of debt. Hopefully our politicians will adopt some of your suggestions.”

Nick D’Ambrosia President, North Haven Rotary

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