Ray’s Topics

Program One:

“The American Dream, Discontinued”


In the past 40 years America has gone from being the greatest creditor nation on earth to being the greatest debtor nation in earth. And every independent forecast shows America’s economic trends worsening.


America, according to democrats and republicans, must continue to borrow and spend to support our standard of living. I disagree; I know America can become more prosperous. I know America can reduce our reliance on debt and I know we can do this without destroying the safety net for the neediest Americans.


Need I remind you that America cannot continue to borrow and spend, forever? Has any country ever created wealth through government borrowing and spending? If all that were required to create prosperity is increased taxes and increased borrowing and spending, people in third world countries wouldn’t be coming here, we’d be going there! Borrowing and spending is the formula for becoming a third world country.


In the past, Americans enjoyed the highest standard of living on earth. We gained that position by being a winning international competitor in industry and manufacturing. Consumers don’t enrich a country, producers do. America needs economic policies that spur international competitiveness, not cheaper imports. If we don’t address our backwards trade policies, we will continue to lose international economic competitiveness and the destruction of our standard of living. The more we rely on foreign manufactured imports, foreign labor and foreign capital the weaker we will become. A nation’s wealth comes from producing more than it consumes. Do our economic policies spur production or consumption? Do our economic policies support higher wages? Our current policies lead only to increased borrowing and greater national debt. Are there any limits to borrowing?

As Herb Stein, said,

If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.


America spends 30% more than the income taxes it charges it citizens;

America imports 50% more in goods than it exports;

America must borrow $10 billion every week to pay its bills;

America adds lower paying jobs as it loses higher paying jobs;

America is using the same policies today that it has used for the past 40 years,

These are the policies that threaten to bankrupt our country;

American politicians have no new plans or new ideas to spur prosperity;


We can neither borrow our way to prosperity nor can we cut our way to prosperity.

That country is headed for very big problems.



“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”    

                                                            Albert Einstein

America hasn’t operated under a capitalist system in 40+ years. In the past four decades, billionaires have consolidated their near complete control of the political system and Wall Street. America is neither a democracy nor a republic; it is an oligarchy. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans tell you the truth about the severity of the economic problems you, your children and your business will face in future years. Mullaney will.

In this program Mullaney presents & explains:

    1. The most important economic facts about our country;
    2. Why every tax-payer should care;
    3. A range of likely economic consequences of today’s policies, and
    4. How to protect yourself, your family and your business.

Mullaney’s talks on our economy are factual and pointed. He presents proposals that inspire and provide hope that we can improve and strengthen America without more debt and without destroying the safety net for America’s neediest citizens.

Program Two:

“Investing: Unsafe at All Times,

and sometimes, more than others.”


The main reason investors lose money is because they don’t have a practical and reliable method to evaluate the investment risks. Therefore, they invest in stocks without an objective and complete appraisal of the risks involved.

Mullaney teaches practical, reliable and conservative methods of evaluating the risks of any investment. Mullaney’s firm, Value Ratings, LLC is in the business of evaluating the risks and the safety of investments. They do not sell investments.

Without a clear and reliable method to evaluate how risky a stock is, you’re left to guess or hope that you don’t end up losing 30% or more of your money.

Mullaney has developed a program to teach investors how to protect their money from Wall Street hype. He shows people, of any knowledge level, how to reduce their investment risks.


In this program Mullaney presents:


  1. The most reliable information sources about stocks;
  2. The most reliable methods to evaluate investment risks; and
  3. When and why to invest, and when and why not to invest.

You will leave Ray’s programs a changed person: better equipped to face the realities and challenges of being a safe investor and a better-informed citizen.

These programs can be tailored for an audience of any intellectual level. They can be an exciting 20 minute presentation or they can be structured as interactive seminars for groups of ten or more.