Prosperity, Liberty, and Washington: Protecting Capital in a Declining Nation

Prosperity Liberty and Washington cover Nov 10 14

What the hell will Americans do to fix our broken economy and political system? Ray is not for bigger government, nor is he a lunatic socialist, but he has realized that capitalism has failed most Americans!

Wall Street and Washington are equally corrupt. They both lack ideas. The men who got us into this mess will not be the ones to get us out of it.


In this these volatile times full of ups and downs, what is safe to invest in? Well, Ray has found sound, unbiased answers for. He is not Wall Street promoter, but an analyst.  Prosperity, Liberty and Washington, Protecting Capital in a Declining Nation will show you how you can safely mange your funds without a money manager, planner, or financial advisor. This book will not pick stocks for you, but it is a tool to help investors like you make smarter, safer, and more profitable decisions!


Ray Mullaney provides concrete guidance on how to minimize risk while investing!


THE FACT IS Stocks are unsafe, irrational and unfavorably priced at most times. Therefore, at most times, you should keep your “safe-money” almost entirely out of the market no matter how low bank interest rates are. Ray may not be a genius, be he knows when and how to invest into the market with the least risk possible.

Wall Street will claim you can rely on their advice as to what and when to buy and sell. They will tell you that earnings growth and economic growth cause prices to rise. This is not true and Ray has the data to prove this. Stock prices rise and fall based on factors that have very little to do with their earnings or economic growth. In this book, Ray talks about the ten primary drivers of stock prices. They include….


1) The size and effectiveness of their public relations campaign by the company.

2) The extent of buying by passive and sector mutual funds and ETF’s

3) The salesmanship skills of the largest shareholders.

And many more.


Not only will Ray teach you what may affect stock prices, but he will also teach you how to gauge the financial health of any given organization.


Ray has learned how to find a reliable and conservative estimate of the minimum value of a company and he is willing to teach you. With this knowledge in hand, you can avoid the most risky stocks.


This book is a collection of Ray’s forty years of experience. If used properly, the tools Ray gives you can help any investor keep their money safe!